Saturday, September 11, 2004

alan keyes is a dimwitted fruitcake...

i've decided to change the way i title my posts. from now on, expect the title to have absolutely nothing to do with the post (unless i choose otherwise). instead, the title will just be a reflection of something other than the subject of the post that is on my mind but for the most part needs no further explanation.

aside from the most previous post about aaron, i haven't really written anything about my move to the new condo. it was pretty effortless and drama free. i hired movers which was lovely, so i hate to disappoint you but there's no scam story this time around. he, he. and that's a good thing.

since my move, however, i've had major headaches with the developer's project manager. he's quite the irresponsible, undependable, full-o-shit smart ass who at times seems really nice though i can't quite help but think he's a tad patronizing towards me. at the end of the day he makes all sorts of promises that he can't keep and truthfully i just think it's a memory thing and that he should really walk around with a pen and paper to jot down all the shit he needs to take care of. thanks to him, i haven't had cable for the past 2 weeks since i moved in. some story about how comcast needs to come in to open the cable box to let directv switch my line over. supposedly the project manager (pj) hasn't had any luck in getting comcast out here to take care of the switch.

ironically, this morning as i walked back home from getting a cup of coffee, i saw a comcast truck in front of my building. the guy was roaming about the building trying to find the cable box. of course i could't help as i have no idea where the freakin' cable box is, but i called pj and of course it went straight to voicemail. i apologized for bothering him on a saturday and told him that the comcast guy was here to hook up someone's cable and couldn't find the box. the call was more so in the hopes that i could get the comcast guy to switch me while he's here, but alas pj has not returned my call.

now, i'm sure pj is a smart guy who knows what he's doing.. but damn, if he could just keep me posted and let a bengali know what the fuck is up, i'd have no issues with him. but instead he just doesn't answer his phone whenever i call which leaves me in the dark and mighty frustrated. you know what i'm sayin'??

and can i just add that i've missed 2 weeks of my favorite show nip/tuck!!??? do you realize how tragic that is? and let me tell ya, if my cable doesn't come on before west wing starts up again, there will be hell to pay. i'm just sayin'..

on a brighter note, i've finally fulfilled a dream of mine that i've had in my brain for the past 10 or so years. deshigrrrl is the proud owner of her very own pool table!!!! yep, ladies and gents, that's the first thing i did when i moved in. i bought a refurbished table for a decent price and literally sat there and watched as the two guys came in and set the table up from scratch. it took a good 3 hours or so, but as geeky as this sounds, it was fascinating to see how a pool table gets built. i had no idea..

i went with black felt. i had a choice of several colors, but in the end i chose black, because a) it's my favorite color and i've always wanted to see what black would look like on a pool table and b) i didn't want the color of the table to dictate the color of my walls (when, of course, i get around to painting them).

so yeah.. i'm a homeowner. and it feels good, except that i need to buy some furniture to make the place a little more homey/comfy, but i'm really short on funds. the closing tapped my bank account quite a bit (as expected) and while i did have some cash left over, i decided to put it to good use and paid off all but one of my credit cards. the one still remaining has a smaller balance than the others, so it's not a big deal. but it feels good to be almost debt free. hell, what with mortgage payments being double what i paid in rent, i'll need all the extra money i can get.

it's nice and all that i'm being smart with my money, but it's taking every ounce of will power in me to not go out and put a couch set on my credit card. yeah, i'm thinking that would be pretty fucking stupid. i thought about that 0% financing over X years that all these places advertise, but i'm just gonna sit tight for a while before i make a move on buying furniture.

speaking of will power, or lack thereof i should say, i tried to quit smoking last tuesday and only lasted through wednesday. not a good sign. i think i'm gonna go with the patch, because it's just way too hard to go cold turkey. i'll start again on monday with the patch and see how far that takes me. smoking is a bitch. i would never wish it upon anyone to pick up this nasty ass habit.

maybe i'll start a separate blog once i quit to track my progress and even use it as an outlet to vent when i go through withdrawal. they say the first 3 days are the hardest. i quit for 3 months once.. that was 3 years ago. it's time, people. it's really time..