Friday, August 20, 2004

snail mail..

say.. ya know it's nice and all that the world is so technologically advanced that we can email each other from far corners of the earth. but i gotta tell ya.. opening up my "real" mailbox everyday for the past several years has been oh so boring! i mean.. ever since email, the only things i ever get in my mailbox are bills, junk mail and more bills! no more postcards, no more greeting cards, no more handwritten letters from friends or family that i haven't heard from in a while..

it's really kinda sad.

i mean, sure we all still keep in touch via email.. but the actual physical process of opening my mailbox no longer excites me anymore. i remember when i actually used to look forward to checking the mail in case i got a letter from a friend or a postcard from my sister who tends to travel quite a bit. in fact the last postcard i did get was back in june when my niece, who is 7 years old, wrote me from nepal. that was nice.. but very rare. bless her heart for not having email yet..

anyway.. just thought i'd rant about how opening my mailbox these days is really just another chore. i'm thinking this post probably dates the hell outta me.. eh? i need to stop starting sentences with "i remember when..."