Friday, June 25, 2004

chicago is not new york...

the cta, chicago transit authority for those of you not living in chicago, is getting on my last nerve. not only did they just raise the price of trips in january of this year, but now they're trying to "test" a different pattern of train seats to mimic the nyc trains. the old trains (which are still mostly in use) used to have approximately 40 seats in each car, but now they're trying to arrange the seats new york style which only allows for about half the number of seats per car. it's annoying as all hell. what used to be pairs of seats, have now been replaced by rows of seats that face each other. now, i'd understand if the trains were bigger, like they are in new york. but they're not. the rationale behind it was to provide more space for standing passengers so they could pack more people into each car.

i had the unfortunate pleasure of riding one of those damn cars this afternoon on my way home from work.

the car was packed to the hilt, to the point where i couldn't even find a comfortable footing to stand properly without feeling like my legs were being twisted out of their sockets. people were leaning on each other, and that only added to my claustrophobia. now, i've been on crowded trains before, but this was ridiculous! it didn't even feel like the cars fit more people.. it just felt really uncomfortable.

my train ride is about 45 minutes each way, and usually half way through, enough people get off the train to allow me to find a seat eventually. today that was not the case. my ass stood the entire 45 minute journey with a heavy ass back pack and i was not a happy camper. the train emptied out quite a bit once we got to belmont, but thanks to the fact that they got rid of half the seats, there was nowhere to sit down.

it's friday, and i've had a long day. is it too much to ask to have a seat on the train? i don't like it one bit. i feel like we're paying more in train fare, for less and it's annoying the living crap out of me.

but on a brighter note.. it's gay pride weekend coming up, and a busy one for me personally. tonite i'm going to a friend's house for a small get together before he leaves for costa rica and peru for (get this) 45 days... (i hate teachers and their long ass summer vacations). after that c and i are heading out for a night on the town to partake in some of the several pride themed activities. then tomorrow, i have an appointment to look at 7 condos in the afternoon with my realtor. after that, a friend's bbq at 5pm and the prince concert at 8pm. i'm not sure if i'll be able to make it to the bbq, but i'll try. then of course, sunday is the parade and all the after parade parties. it should be a fun weekend, but i'm gonna try my best to get as much sleep as i can, when i can. deshigrrrl on limited sleep is not fun to be with.

i've been on a tight budget lately and it's really taking its toll on my social life. i may have to break down and spend a little extra this weekend, what with it being pride weekend and all. but the budget is for a good cause.. saving up for the condo.

boy will i be glad when i'm out of this temporary state...