Wednesday, April 21, 2004

boricua world premiere in nyc...

two summers ago i was asked to do some accounting work on a movie that a friend of mine directed right here in chicago and it's finally ready for viewing!! they won a coveted spot at the tribeca film festival this year, so those of you in nyc should really check out this movie. it was made with very little funding, and the entire cast and crew basically offered their services for free. it's an indie movie in every sense of the word. the writer/director is a very good friend of mine and i can't even begin to describe how proud i am of her to have finally realized her dream!

here's some info on when and where you can catch the screening of boricua.

tribeca film festival screening:

all screenings will be held at united artists battery park theater 11 (UA), 102 north end avenue (at vesey street)

UA04 9:30 pm wednesday, May 5
UA06 4:00 pm thursday, May 6
UA08 6:00 pm saturday, May 8

tickets go on sale april 18th (with an amex card), april 22nd for nyc dowtown residents, and april 24th for the general public and are available through the festival web site.

please... do me a personal favor and go see it! i've read the script.. it's fantastic!

chicago headz, don't worry, there'll be a screening here sometime in mid-june. i'll keep you posted.