Tuesday, March 23, 2004

trifling young thang.. conclusion

from that point on, tibg starting blowing cold air my way for the duration of the trip. i couldn't understand why.. i mean, i didn't come on to her at all, nor did i do anything to my knowledge to elicit any bitchiness from her. so i was baffled by her behaviour. but i wasn't going to let it ruin my trip.

we went to paco paco that night and it worked out such that m and i hung out together and met some cool people while tibg and s hung out together and flirted with a bunch of mexican dudes. and that pretty much set the stage for the remainder of the weekend. and that was just fine with me.

the next morning i woke up pretty early and since everyone was still sleeping, i decided to head out straight to the beach. the beach was totally empty and so i grabbed a beach chair, put on my headphones, and listened to meshell ndegeocello's "bitter" cd and relaxed by the ocean until i dozed off. i woke up to the sun in my eyes and decided to take a little swim. when i got back to my chair, i found tibg sitting on it, waiting for me. she said she had been looking for me all morning to which i asked her very puzzlingly "why?". she didn't answer my question but said that the girls were up and getting dressed for breakfast and did i want to join them. so i grabbed my things and we headed up to the room and as we were walking i asked her the inevitable question: "so.. considering you invited me to visit you here, why the hell are you acting all cold with me?" she answered nervously and incoherently about how things here in mexico are "different". "how so?" i asked. but at that point we were already at the door to our room. so i stopped, thinking we'd finish the conversation before heading back into the room, but she went ahead towards the door, and before opening it, she said "look, i don't want to talk about it, and i'd appreciate it if you wouldn't mention our little fling in chicago in front of s", and walked into the room leaving me feeling even more baffled by her behaviour.

i stood outside for a while longer and came to a decision at that point, to continue on with the vacation as if tibg was not an issue. and that's exactly what i did. my whole mood changed. no longer did i feel the need to figure out why tibg was acting the way she was and no longer was i going to allow her presence to affect my trip in any way.

we all ate breakfast, chatted and then headed out to "blue chairs" beach which was the designated gay friendly spot. there we met a bunch of fantastic people who not only entertained us throughout the day, but also hooked me up with some much needed green which m and i happily indulged in. after some more fun and frolicking in the ocean, we headed back to the hotel room to rest up for the evening's festivities which included dinner and another night on the town.

so basically, throughout the day, tibg was avoiding me entirely and doing immature things like offering gum to m and s but not to me even though i'm standing right there. or she's bitching about me and m smoking in the hotel room even though we've got the windows wide open and we're standing with our heads out the window. just straight up bitching the entire time. m and i are looking at each other and rolling our eyes, while s is telling tibg to calm the fuck down and relax because you can't really smell the smoke and we're on vacation, so just chill.

well, i have no qualms about saying that i was basically the bigger person during that whole trip. she bitched and bitched and i just ignored her. i was growing to dislike her completely. in my mind i was starting to picture her as a twelve year old and just let everything she said roll off my back.

the next day, sunday, we were supposed to leave at around 4pm to make it back to guadalajara before 9pm. before i got to mexico, the plan was that i was going to spend the night with tibg in her dorm room before leaving the following day on a 1pm flight back to chicago. but there was no way in hell i was going to do that. i made up my mind that i'd stay at a hotel and so i asked m if she knew of any that were nearby so she could drop me off. well, at that point m and i had bonded enough that we genuinely enjoyed each others company. i confided in her about the way tibg was treating me and she completely agreed that tibg was being way immature about the whole thing. so she said she'd check with her girlfriend and if it was ok with her, i could crash at their place as they have an extra bedroom.

so pretty much the remainder of sunday was spent alternating between the pool and the ocean and drinking fruity decorative drinks served in coconuts at the swim-up bar. i love swim-up bars. at one point m and i got floating beds and just drifted out into the ocean with the sun shining directly on us as we chatted about life, love and a host of other topics. m was the coolest. we got along really, really well, and i'll never forget her. she made the entire trip worthwhile for me and despite tibg and her trifling self, i had a marvelous, wonderful time. i was thrilled that i got to spend three days in mexico, floating aimlessly in the ocean. tibg was more of a nuisance than anything, i'm so glad i didn't allow her to ruin my trip or my mood.

the ride back to guadalajara was fine, although tibg's bitching never stopped. if i asked to stop at the next gas station to use the bathroom, she rolled her eyes and sucked her teeth. she constantly nagged me about the green stuff we had and demanded that i throw it out the window in case we got searched. i ignored her and that made her furious. needless to say, we never got searched. but i threw it out anyway because i wasn't about to jeopardize m in anyway, since it was her car. besides, m said she had plenty more at home. :)

so, when we dropped tibg off at her dorm, i got out of the front seat to let her out and looked at her and said "you know, i guess i should thank you for organizing this trip because i really had a fantastic time. but next time you feel the need to act like bitch with someone, don't call me." she didn't say a word and stepped out of the car to grab her things from the trunk. she turned to say "have a nice trip" and we gave each other the lamest hug ever known to mankind. and that was that.

m and i got to her place shortly after 9pm. her girlfriend t, was totally cool and friendly and we all sat outside on their massive porch and smoked and drank and laughed and chatted, and bitched about how immature tibg was acting the entire time, and chatted some more until we were all tired and ready to go to sleep. i was so glad to be at their place instead of tibg's room or some tiny little hotel room. in fact i was just glad to not be in the company of tibg anymore. but despite tibg's issues, i made some wonderful friends with whom i kept in touch even after i got back to chicago. i'll never forget their generosity in letting me stay at their place. a month later i sent them a care package to thank them for their hospitality.

shortly after i got back to chicago i sent tibg an email. i just had to let her know how fucked up her behaviour was and that all she had to do was explain her situation to me and i would've understood. but instead of communicating with me she decided to act like an asshole and i felt that was completely uncalled for. and in conclusion i told her to grow the fuck up.

m and i kept in touch for a while, but the last time i heard from her was about a year ago. she and t had split up.