Monday, March 01, 2004

if they knock on your door, you already gave..

some of you may know i'm a huge fan of lenny kravitz. but you won't see me linking to his site as i do with meshell and pamela means and others, mainly because he's already pretty mainstream and doesn't necessarily need the advertising like my grrrls do. however, i'm willing to put it up here once for those that may not be familiar with his work. but this month's audio pleasure is a gem and i decided i should stop being selfish and share it with you. in fact, it's hands down my favorite song by lenny kravitz of all time. there are several close seconds, but "sister" has got to be the best in my opinion.

the particular version put up here for this month only, comes off his mtv unplugged session from 1994, which i'm sorry to say is not sold in stores. i paid a pretty penny for it on ebay because it's one of the rawest versions i've heard to date... unplugged, acoustic and downright gorgeous. trust me on this one.

it's over seven minutes long (7:29 to be exact), so have a seat, relax, kick off your shoes and by all means put your feet up on your desk and turn the volume waaaay up.

i'd love to hear what you think of it.. enjoy!