Thursday, February 19, 2004

all choked up..

i just browsed through a bunch of pictures posted here that were taken during the city-approved gay weddings held in san francisco last weekend. i was literally sitting here at work unsuccessfully trying to hold back the tears. i guess i just got emotional seeing the sheer joy on the faces of all the newly-weds all the while thinking how horrible it is that most heterosexual folks take marriage for granted while us gay folks have to now live vicariously through the brave couples that waited hours in front of san francisco's city hall to do what is logically and righfully one of the greatest acts of love. even if their certificates don't end up "legitimate" in the grand scheme of things, the looks and smiles on their faces are priceless and no one, not the highest court in the country, can take the happiness they all must've felt that day away from them.

i so wish i was there to witness all this. i'm nowhere near ready to get married, even in jest, but i still wish i was there to show my support.