Wednesday, December 31, 2003

the last day of the year...

i got back from miami day before yesterday and it was just a wonderful, relaxing trip all in all. the weather was gorgeous (70's all week long) and i partied with my cousin every single night until the wee hours, slept in well after noon everyday and ate like a damn pig. just what i needed. one night we actually went to a, ahem, gentleman's club and despite my feminist tendencies not to patronize such establishments, the alternative would have been to stay in by myself. my initial feelings upon entering the bar was that there was a general atmosphere of sleaze and you couldn't pay me to make eye contact with any of those guys. they all looked horny and nasty and, well, sleazy. i couldn't help but wonder what the atmosphere would've been like if there were more women patrons. but despite all that, i must add that i had a fabulous time. i briefly mentioned to my cousin that one of the dancers was cute, and he proceeded to call her over and ask her to give me a lap dance since it was my first time at a strip bar. after the lap dance i chatted with her for a bit and found out she was from the dominican republic. she was a very, very beautiful girl. and her stage name was "peaches". hahaha..

anyway guys and gals... i don't have a lot of time to write today, but i wanted to make sure to wish you all a happy new year!!! i've only made a mental list of resolutions so far and as usual, it's long and somewhat repetitive but i'm hoping i can stick to them this time around. i hope you all have an astonishingly good time tonite! be safe, drink plenty of water, and make it a great year!!