Friday, December 12, 2003

brighter days...

things are looking good despite the frigid temps in chicago today.. i just booked a trip to miami for the holidays so i can spend it with my cousins while c is visiting her family in virginia. i half thought about taking a side trip to the bahamas or something, but i really don't need to be spending a lot of money right now.

other minor notes of the week:

* i choked at the all-star game. i won the first round and then played against the league's top girl and ran the table until i missed the 8-ball after which she proceeded to run the table and win. i hate her.

* my team choked in the finals and lost 8-3 even though every game could've gone either way. it was tight and stressful and in the end rather sad. but we collectively won $500 and 2nd place honors. not bad for a new team.

* meshell will be dj-ing with jahi sundance at a local non-profit organization's annual ball in february. i actually don't care much for the organization and have never attended their annual ball, but since we now know that meshell will be there i figure why not? side note: i can think of several other more worthy organizations that meshell could be gracing her presence with so i was a bit surprised that she agreed to do this. but that's ok. maybe she's just not aware.

* meshell is on the cover of curve magazine with a very interesting article that uncovers the rumors going on for a while now; she and rebecca have indeed broken up. sad news for someone like me who admires them both so greatly and always thought they were such an interesting couple.

* nappilesbyan and i will be joining esoteric soul for dinner monday night during her trip to chicago. it'll be nice to finally meet her and attach a face to the name! i'm looking forward to it.

* despite the name, i never really thought about it enough to expect the movie sex and lucia to be so, um, pornographic. it was rather amusing actually, the way it caught c and i off-guard ("ewww.. they showed penis!").

* i splurged on a christmas gift for c this year. i mean, really splurged. she'll be floored. it should take care of any and all gift-giving occasions for the next year or so cuz mama is seriously tapped.

* i learned to play "come to my window" and "free falling" on my guitar by ear. i heard "she talks to angels" by the black crowes on the radio last night and am currently obsessed with figuring out how to play it.

so yeah.. i'm so thankful that it's friday. all i can think of is copious amounts of sleep. have a wonderful weekend everyone.

peace out.