Wednesday, December 03, 2003

8 ball rally..

my, oh my.. we've come farther than i expected. our team will be playing the championship round next tuesday after a long, yet fruitful game against one of our leagues best teams last night! the week before we pretty much coasted through the first round of the playoffs, but last night's match was much harder, and downright stressful. but we managed to win 8-4 and now we're going to the championships next week! i'm so excited i'm downright giddy. i've played in this league before, on two different teams, and made it to the playoffs twice but our team lost in the first round both times. so, of course i got discouraged and felt like i was burning out and needed a break, so i took two years off and just stayed away from competitive pool. but then two bengali girlfriends of mine decided that they wanted to form a team around the three of us, and so i decided to come back. this is our first season playing together as a team and it feels like we've come a long way, baby! of course the championship game will be even harder and we're up against the top seeded team, so wish us luck! we're gonna need it!

by the way, i did in fact make it to the all-star team! in fact all three of us girls and one guy made it. i came in tied at 6th place, and as i've said before, the top 16 men and the top 16 women will play on dec 6th to battle it out for some cash prizes and of course a trophy!

in older news, turkey weekend was grand. but somehow you just can't get enough days off. coming back on monday after four days off was just gruelling. but it was a fun four days. c cooked an 8lb turkey, gravy, crab cakes (from scratch), an asian mandarin asparagus thingy (that was de-lish!) and i, um, made, um.. garlic/scallion mashed potatoes and threw some pillsbury flaky biscuits in the oven. he, he. top that off with a bottle of merlot for c and riesling for me as well as store-bought pumpkin pie and chocolate cake and we were in food heaven! by the way, in case you were wondering what i was doing all day while c was slaving over the stove.. well, i was busy watching tv and practicing guitar cleaning up the house and clearing off the dining table that was stacked with months worth of junk mail. it's funny how we only use our dining table once a year...

what was even funnier was bush's sly/stealthy little trip to iraq. i was thoroughly amused by the secrecy of it all. obviously it was well planned, well executed, but to me it was amusing as all get out.

c is visiting her family this xmas and since i won't be joining her, i'm just stumped about what i want to do with my days off. i thought about going to miami to hang with my cousin, but the tickets are well over $250-300 and i've never paid more than $180 for a trip to miami, so on principle alone i refuse to succumb to holiday travel non-bargains. but i may just give in later once it hits me that i'll be stuck in wintery weather when i could just as easily be chillin' on south beach, or even in my cousin's backyard for that matter under 80 degree weather and blue skies. decisions, decisons.. what to do?

by the way i apologize for not updating the audio pleasure section but i realized i really don't have time to update it every week. hence the title change. i'll try to keep up though.. for now, enjoy meshell from back in 1999 in l.a. and listen closely.