Friday, August 15, 2003

a penis free weekend....

we're off to the michigan womyn's music festival tonight! my first camping trip.. ever. really. i've always thought about going camping just because i truly do enjoy nature's unspoiled beauty. however the thought of wild animals (read: snakes) creeps me out enough to have avoided camping all my life thus far.

but this is gonna be different. boy oh boy is this gonna be different!

we bought a 5 person tent (because i'm claustrophobic like that) which we took out by lake michigan the day after we bought it just so we wouldn't look like fools trying to hoist it up for the first time in michigan.. and despite certain confusing aspects of the instruction booklet, it was pretty damn easy! and it's a gorgeous, huge tent. not bad for a first-time buy. we already have an air mattress from having c's family over for thanksgiving last year, so that'll come in handy. we bought some heavy duty flashlights and other little accessories, so i believe we are all set and ready to go. the drive is about 5 hours which kinda sucks because i've worked 12 hour days everyday this week so the last thing i need is to torture my poor back with a 5 hour drive, not to mention the lack of restfulness that comes with working such long hours. but c will help out so i should be fine.

i'm really excited about this trip! it'll be so fuckin' cool to be around so many womyn if only for the weekend. hopefully if this ends up being as positive an experience as i think it will, it may become an annual ritual. maybe in the future we'll actually be able to do the entire week instead of just two days. i'll come back with (almost) all the gory details!

in a way i'm kinda glad i'm not single because that many womyn in one place would have mama having way too much fun for her own good! :)

right? eh.. maybe.