Friday, July 11, 2003

la la la...

it's been an ultra hectic week, man! after spending all of 4th of july weekend with c and my old roomie from college j, i've spent the last few days trying to tie up loose ends at work, packing and all the other shit that goes with getting ready for my trip... i'm tired!!

anyway, a few points worth mentioning.. tracy chapman was awesome at the chicago theater. we had decent seats even though both c and i felt like a little black dot in a sea of white! but despite all that, the show was fabulous. she played a few of her new songs which sound way better live than on cd, but she totally rocked a bunch of her old hits... talking about a revolution, fast car (!!), baby can i hold you, the promise (!!!!).. wow.. it was a great, great show. i love her.. and she's just the cutest thing!

can't wait to see meshell on thursday and friday coming up. looking forward to getting some relaxation this weekend..

gotta run though.. 2pm flight to catch. have a great week/end folks! will report back sometime after the 21st.