Monday, May 19, 2003


it's been a while since i've blogged, but believe it or not, nothing has captured my attention long enough to bring me to blog about it. just a few things to talk about i guess, including the fact that my l.a. seminar/trip has been approved so i'm definitely going. and that perfectly coincides with meshell's l.a. tourdates (how absolutely coincidental!) so i plan on attending at least two of her shows at the roxy. other suggestions on what to do in l.a. are requested. i'll probably head out the weekend before the seminar starts so that i can chill out and enjoy the weather and look around.. should be loads of fun. and of course it'll end up being my "all-by-myself-getaway-treat" that i've been wanting to do for ages... i can't wait!

a dear, dear friend and her husband came to visit us from nyc last weekend and by absolute random happenstance they stumbled upon 4 suzanne vega tickets that were being given away for free for her show at the house of blues.. so of course, we went. i'm not that familiar with all of her songs, but the ones i do know, i like. she's touring for her new album which really isn't new because it's just a collection of her old stuff. but it was a pleasant show.. not too wild & crazy, if you know what i mean.

i saw earth the other day on dvd which is the second of deepa mehta's trilogy (the first being fire). it was a great movie. and damn, nandita das is just as fine as can be. if you're a south east asian lesbian and you haven't seen fire, shame on you. anyways, earth was really good. it was about a little girl's experience during the whole partition of india after the british left. as usual, the british conquered, fucked everything and everyone over and then left behind a country divided. anyways, i highly recommend it even though it's mostly in hindi with english subtitles.

lastly, i can't help but noticed that there's a fresh new suicide bombing every time i turn on the tv these days. israel has had 5 just in the past 48 hours. do you think it's only a matter of time before revenge makes its way stateside..?