Thursday, April 03, 2003

a quick getaway..

i've made a decision to treat myself to a quick getaway.. somewhere peaceful. new mexico, maybe? arizona? la? ok, somehow i can't see la as being peaceful. either way, i want to go somewhere i've never been, and preferably within the continental u.s. so i'm not spending half my time travelling.

this is strictly a "me" thing. i will be travelling alone, and plan on reflecting on my life and all that encompasses it. hell i may just scratch that idea and just be a vegetable and stay in my hotel room reading a book for the duration, though i highly doubt i'm capable of such immobility. either way, i need some alone time. badly. i need some time to do everything or nothing on my own terms and in my own time. at least for a couple of days. i think i need to do this badly, and probably should've done it a long time ago, but as each day passes i realize how much i need to be alone, just me, just my body, just my presence, just my soul, at least for a couple of days.

any suggestions as to where i should go? i have a friend who can get me a nice discount at any hyatt in the country, so i'm looking to cash in on that deal. and while i'd love to be somewhere ocean-side, florida is not on my list. but i definitely want to be somewhere warm.. maybe california.. just not sure where in california.

so if anyone has any suggestions, please drop it in the comments box. not sure when exactly i'll be taking this trip, but i'm hoping to do it before the end of the month...