Monday, February 17, 2003

single awareness day...

that's really all it is, ya know.. valentine's day, that is. i mean, it's nice that i'm in a relationship and that i have someone to share it with, but i think that valentine's day does more psychological harm to single folks than it does good to couples. do couple's really need a day to confirm their love for each other? shouldn't that be an everyday thing?? now mind you, i'm not trying to imply that all the single folks just sort of crawl into a hole on valentine's day and feel sorry for themselves (nor did i when i was single). but i think that if there's one single day during the year when people are made strikingly aware of their singlehood and have that fact drilled into their brains, it's valentine's day.

the reason i bring this up, albeit 3 days late, is because i noticed that some of the single people at work were made to feel uncomfortable or at least awkward when asked by their insensitive married/coupled counterparts, "what are you doing for valentine's day?" before the occasion as well as "what did you do for valentine's day?" afterwards. they sort of almost look embarrassed to say "oh, nothing much..". i just think it's stupid, though probably not that big of a deal, but personally i wouldn't even bat an eyelash if they got rid of the holiday (if you can call it that) altogether.

what did i do for valentine's day? well, after unsuccessfully trying to get reservations at our favorite lesbian owned restaurant, the room, just half a block away from our house, c and i ended up chowing down on some fried chicken at home and then headed over to catch pamela means at the heartland cafe. as usual, she rocked the house. and i noticed for the first time that she did indeed wear a hole in her guitar! she said she's working on a new album, so that's something to look forward to. check out her website for her last album "pearls" which is good, but all her older stuff is out of print.