Thursday, January 23, 2003

stupid.. err, i mean.. angry white men..

this week, donahue's got some "angry" caucasians on his show.. and so far they've all displayed themselves as elitist, racist bastards, as can be expected from a title as such. they're all pissed because they feel as though america is their nation and everyone else is invading it. one guy is scared that all the brown people are gonna take over america and that there will soon cease to exist an "all white" neighborhood (umm forgive me but uh.. isn't that a good thing???). another guy can't stand the fact that mexicans (and other immigrants) are crossing the border at an "alarming" rate and that they refuse to speak english, blah blah blah.. correct me if i'm wrong, but uh.. aren't all these people immigrants themselves? or is one not considered an immigrant so long as their skin color matches that of the majority.. oh, then it's okay right? wrong! they say by 2050, the population of whites in america will drop to 53% from 75% in 2000 and 87% in 1960.

the debates have been pretty interesting, though more so annoying and frustrating by virtue of having to listen to some of the horseshit coming out of the mouths of these racist white men.. but every now and again you hear a great comment from liberals in the audience or one of the (smarter) speakers saying "well, you know.. if we just continue to sleep with each other, we'll all be the same color and then you'll have to find some other reason to hate us...". well said... and personally, i can't wait! donahue's had some classic comebacks as well.. he's quite funny actually cuz he really makes fun of these angry assholes.

tonight's topic? affirmative action. ahem. i may have to skip this one for health reasons as it's likely to put me over the edge...