Wednesday, January 22, 2003

mumbling at random..

so, it's wednesday evening, (and by the way, 18 days and counting til the big 3-0) and i'm home alone cuz c has a late meeting. i was really looking forward to having the evening to myself.. the plan was to come home and relax, then start cooking some daal (lentils) and chicken and broccoli for myself and a ground beef/pasta dish for c. we're both eating separate meals these days because i'm trying my damnedest to eat healthy during the week and so far i'd give myself an A+. i cut out the pasta and other starchy items, i cut out bread, barring a slice or two of whole wheat now and again. i've been eating vegetables and fruits like they're going out of style, and have been working out 5-6 days a week. the weighing scale says i've lost 2 pounds and 2% body fat but i never really trust them thangs...

so anyways, it was supposed to be a pleasant evening of introspection, relaxation and humming over the stove. but when i got home, the thermostat read 51 degrees and damn was it cold in my apartment! so eventually i noticed an open window (just the inside frame, not the glass on the outside) and called c to see if she was the culprit. but she said she hadn't touched the windows in weeks. so of course we grew suspicious and wondered who in the hell could've been in the apartment! it was too late to call the rental office but you better believe they'll be getting a call tomorrow morning. i also had some money in an envelope sitting on my desk. i could've sworn i had $100 but now there was only $60. maybe i spent it.. i really can't recall. i can account for about $20 of it that i may have spent, but not $40. either way, i decided to drop the money issue for fear that my memory just ain't what it used to be, but i'm still freaked out by the window. i mean, usually the rental office leaves a note or something if they had to come in for whatever reason! i guess i'll find out tomorrow.. or not.

so after freezing my ass off in the apartment for a good hour (and it's still freakin' cold in here, but hey, did you know it's a whopping 5 degrees outside?), i got out from under the covers after the usual task of solving all the wheel of fortune puzzles before the meatheads on the show did, and headed to the kitchen to test my lack of culinary skills. my attempt at cooking daal failed simply because i forgot to wash the damn lentils so it's kinda grainy.. and the chicken is still frozen even after i took it out of the freezer this morning and put it in the fridge. so i just said fuck it to the chicken and the broccoli as well. i have no idea what i'm gonna eat now.. times like this, a burger sounds damn good.. but i'll be good. the chicken is back in the fridge and the daal is just sort of sitting there on top of the stove burner waiting for god knows what. as far as c's meal goes.. well, the ground beef was frozen too, but i've got it under cold water so i'll attempt to cook again in about an hour. but damn, i'm kinda tired now!

and to top it off, west wing is a re-run.. grumble grumble.

on a different note, i took a pilates class on saturday for the first time, having read an article in last week's newsweek which lauded the benefits of strengthening one's core (i.e. the torso). it was interesting.. not too strenuous, yet it requires all kinds of mind-body coordination which i simply don't have. but i'm not discouraged. i will figure it out eventually, and i'm going again this saturday.

it's still cold in here.. i think we need to put some of that 3M stuff on our windows cuz this is sheer lunacy.

i'm headed back under the blanket with the dreaded thought of having to get back up to finish cooking c's meal but i would hate for her to come home on an empty stomach and find out that i didn't cook as promised.

so far this wednesday evening has been quite frustrating (read: it sucked), but i'll live.