Tuesday, February 11, 2003


it's official.. deshigrrrl is 30. and of course, i feel no different except that i'm kind of glad i got a headstart on things last month with respect to getting my affairs in order.. or at least trying to. the birthday was cool.. i purposely didn't arrange the traditional gathering with friends for dinner at a restaurant for a few reasons: i kinda wanted it to be an introspective day and well, for some reason i just didn't want it to be made into a deal of any size. mind you, i'm not upset over turning 30, nor do i feel old and i certainly can't complain that i'm alive and well and can safely say i've lived through 3 decades of life.. i just wanted to chill.. and enjoy and relax. and i did.

c baked a double layer chocolate cake for me and let me tell you it was damn good! chocolate frosting and a single candle. then we went to big bowl for lunch which is my favorite asian restaurant in chicago in that i know what the food tastes like and can count on a delicious meal everytime. we sat at the bar and chatted with the bartender for a bit who was the sweetest thing when, after we finished the main course, he brought out an ice cream desert with a candle on it and said it was on the house! but he also made me feel like i should've been out partying till 5am and have back to back plans for the remainder of the day. needless to say, i didn't. we had lunch, went shopping a little down michigan avenue, which i rarely do.. and bought two pairs of mens cargo pants at the gap, which.. get this.. are lined with fleece on the inside... they are the warmest pants i've ever owned, and only $19.99 each! score. bigtime.

then we came home and played wheel of fortune and scrabble on cdrom, both of which were bday presents from c, along with a fabulously soft and much needed new pillow! she's my girl.. :)

the games were hella fun.. (did i just say hella?) and we played endlessly (also the night before). you have to understand.. c and i play scrabble a lot.. and you already know of my wheel of fortune problem.. speaking of which, umm.. i won every single game i've played on the cd rom even when competing with the computer. damn i need to get on that show! c calls me the master.. hehehe.. okay i will cease the wheel of fortune babble now.

thanks everyone, for your birthday wishes! i think i'm gonna like being in my thirties...