Tuesday, March 18, 2003

think peace..

war is looming. if anyone doubted it, or thought maybe the old gun slinging cowboy was bluffing, now is the time to come to grips with reality. saddam ain't goin' nowhere in no 48 hours (and damn, the thought of hearing the countdown every hour on the hour is making me cringe). no one is arguing that the man is evil but really, ask yourselves, why should he? because bush said so?

really though, all this is, is the manifestation of plans made a long time ago.. big daddy tried and failed, but at least he gave way to a strategic border from which to begin. meanwhile, get the un to go in there and disarm them, so we can make our way in while they're still vulnerable. what strategy.. what manipulation.. what naivete..

goddess bless this world.. at the risk of sounding dramatic, everyone, please be safe.. the unknown is the scariest thing in the world ain't it?