Friday, February 21, 2003

giving back..

as mentioned in an earlier post, next wednesday is the last day with my ja kids, by which i am thoroughly saddened. my company has arranged to have a pizza party in every class room after the final lesson, which is very cool, and the kids are looking forward to it, as am i. however, i wanted to give them a going away present.. something nice, yet relatively inexpensive considering there are 33 of them. but frankly, i'm stumped! i can't think of anything besides candy/chocolate, except that i already gave them plenty of that throughout the course of the semester. so, i'm soliciting your help.. someone, anyone, please! if you can come up with an idea of what i might be able to give all 33 of them (and it would have to be the same thing, unfortunately) that will cost no more than $100, i will be forever in your debt.

i realize there isn't much time, i.e. 5 days, but i'm just hoping that if i can't come up with something, someone out there in the blog world can. please keep in mind that these are 7th and 8th graders. i thought about getting them a $5 gift certificate to a cd store or something, but that's a little over my budget. and $5 really ain't shit if you think about it..

so, if you can think of ANYTHING AT ALL, as a result of past experiences, or gifts you've received, etc. drop me a line here in the comments box! thanks in advance..