Thursday, March 20, 2003

quote of the year...

truer words have rarely been articulated so precisely:

"In one respect, I believe that the Bush administration is right: this war will look better when it is over. The military campaign will probably be less difficult than many of Washington�s opponents think. Most important, it will reveal the nature of Saddam�s barbarous regime. Prisoners and political dissidents will tell stories of atrocities. Horrific documents will come to light. Weapons of mass destruction will be found. If done right, years from now people will remember above all that America helped rid Iraq of a totalitarian dictator.

But the administration is wrong if it believes that a successful war will make the world snap out of a deep and widening mistrust and resentment of American foreign policy. A war with Iraq, even if successful, might solve the Iraq problem. It doesn�t solve the America problem. What worries people around the world above all else is living in a world shaped and dominated by one country�the United States. And they have come to be deeply suspicious and fearful of us."

~Fareed Zakaria, quoted from "The Arrogant Empire" published in the latest issue of Newsweek.