Monday, April 07, 2003

mister cab driver..

i was waiting for a cab on the corner of foster and sheridan on a relatively chilly evening last week and managed to flag one down after about 5 minutes. i opened the door to the cab, popped my head in and mentioned my destination. the cab driver looked at me and said "are you ethiopian?" to which i responded "no..." but was certainly wondering where the hell that came from and why! so he says, "ok, get in" and goes on to explain that he already turned his meter off so he can't charge me but he stopped because he thought i was ethiopian and wanted to give me a free cab ride.. i had to chuckle because i was this close to getting annoyed at him for asking my nationality before letting me into his cab. turns out the guy was really sweet and even though i admitted to not being ethiopian, i got a free ride anyways!

who knew? from now on, i am ethiopian! actually, you have no idea how many ethiopian people have come up to me and swear i'm one of their peeps!

hmm.. maybe i should have a serious chat with my mom..

a few days later, i took a cab home from visiting a tax client downtown. the cab driver was indian, wearing a turban. halfway through the ride he turned around and said "can i ask you a question?" to which i said yes. he said "are you a boy or a girl? because your face.. it looks like a boy's face". so i took off my coat and flashed him my big mamas. ok, no, i didn't but one of these dayz, i swear...

umm.. by the way, it's almost mid-april and umm.. it snowed about 3 inches last night and continues on today..