Tuesday, April 29, 2003

little incentives go a long way...

so, in an earlier post i talked about getting away, going out of town for a weekend by myself.. and while that's still very much a desire, it's not as feasible as i thought considering i just priced a ticket to bangladesh for september and realized i need to save some more money. see, i've learned the hard way, having travelled back and forth.. oh.. at least 12 times in the past 10 years, that the best way to fly to bangladesh is on first class. but since i can't afford first class, i'll settle for business class. but i refuse to travel on coach for what ends up being about 22 hours of flying time not to mention overnight layovers, etc. never again.

but the good news is that there's a tax seminar coming up in mid july that could very well put me in l.a. for a whole week plus the weekend! so that'll be very cool. and as a result, since july is usually a really busy month here at the j.o.b., i'm hauling ass right now trying to get shit done so i can really go and do this thing. by the end of june, i'm hoping to have wrapped every single loose end so that no one can come up with any excuses to keep me from attending this seminar.

i think this is the most motivated i've been in a very very long time.. and all for an expenses paid trip to l.a. see? i'm not that hard to please..