Thursday, April 24, 2003


so yeah.. netflix is cool.. we've been renting dvd's like they're going out of style. i still owe blockbuster $12 and they may never see it.. hehe.. to tell you the truth, the blockbuster is a good 20 minute walk from my house, and sometimes, it's just too fuckin' far especially when it's cold out. so netflix is certainly a wonderful replacement. most of the movies on our rental queue are ones that we've been meaning to see but never got around to. others are just chosen based on cast or summary plot, which c seems to do a lot of. anyways, i'm sure the novelty of finally owning a dvd player will soon wear off, because i did the same thing when i bought my first vcr. it was in 1998, no lie. it just wasn't a priority, until i had some extra cash one day and just went out and bought one for like, a hundred bucks. so i console myself by saying i didn't spend a lot on it, like most people did when they first came out with vcrs. the same goes for my dvd player.. under a hundred bucks, and it's a panasonic. so, i feel pretty good about it even though i'm like technologically way behind the rest of the world. but, in the grand scheme of life, who really gives a shit? so anyways, after i bought my vcr, i spent the next 3 weeks watching every single robert deniro movie i could get my hands on. and then i rented other movies. and then i didn't touch my vcr for months. so imagine the same will happen with the dvd player.. right?

so anyways, i've decided, since i'm bored, to provide you readers with a short list of movies we've seen lately, with bite size personal reviews, and i'm giving them ratings as one would get on a report card, so you know how it iz..:

1. rat race: umm.. it started off really funny, but then it just got stupider and stupider and i have to say, i detest slapstick humor.. Rating: D

2. storytelling: i really don't know what to say about this movie.. there were two stories, and the first one was absolutely disturbing. it starts off with a guy and girl having sex, only the guy has cerebral palsy... so um.. yeah..!? there's a scene in the first story where this white woman goes home with her black male professor and the events that follow are just... disturbing.. one minute it appears consensual, the next minute you get the sense that there's some psycho slave shit happening, then all of a sudden it seems like rape, but it isn't, really, because the dumb ass woman is completely obliging to everything that's happening. ugh.. as for the second story, i think i forgot most of it already. rating: C-

3. to wong foo..: fun movie.. absolutely loved john leguizamo's character.. then again boys in drag are just fabulous anyways! rating: B

4. 4 little girls: great documentary! there were definitely parts that were really sad and depressing, especially when they talk about how things used to be back in the day.. you know, the white only fountains and restaurants, etc. it's just the reminder of it that always seems to disturb me. i was literally getting angry at one point when one of the girls' father was talking about how he couldn't buy his daughter a sandwich because it was a white only restaurant, and he had to explain to her that night that the reason she couldn't have it was because she's black. that kind of shit makes my blood boil to this day. rating: A -

next up: cry freedom (yeah, i know, old movie.. but i don't believe i've ever seen it), real women have curves and y tu mam� tambi�n. oh, and i ended up enjoying hedwig a lot.. it was a really good movie!

by the way, feel free to drop recommendations.. since we can now have an endless flow of dvds... :)