Friday, June 27, 2003

it's all so very...

every year around this time, i go through a phase where i walk around feeling like the whole world is gay. seriously. obviously it's all in my head, and i know this. but somehow i just feel really carefree and lose my inhibitions and just feel like i live in a gay world, if only for a weekend. maybe it's because all the pride flags are hanging from stores, balconies, windows and street lamps everywhere and not just in the gay hood. maybe it's because it's the one time of year when you just know you can walk down the street holding hands with your same-sex partner without even so much as a stare. maybe it's because there's just something in the air.. i don't know.. maybe it's just because i'm a fuckin' clown. either way, i absolutely love this time of year!

having said that, i have to say that i'm disappointed with the (non)political aspect of the pride parade as well as the dyke march. this is only my 6th year attending and the more i attend, the more i question the point of it all, at least from an activism point of view. let me explain: the dyke march marches through a neighborhood called andersonville, and it's truly a march.. banners, signs, duct-tape-nippled-dykes, chants, slogans, etc. but andersonville is largely populated by lesbians.. so um.. what's the fucking point? you're gonna march through dykeville preaching to the choir? the same goes for the pride parade.. which isn't so much of a march as it is just a celebration of pride, a big ass party, if you will. but it's always held in boystown and i just don't see the logic. if you want to promote visibility and awareness of the glbt community, why do it in the hood? shouldn't we be venturing out downtown or in other (straight) neighborhoods? c tells me that dc pride is much different than most other cities. it's political. i'd like to see that for a change. and by political, i don't mean hypocritical politicians parading around in their convertibles waving at us to get our votes, all the while whispering "fucking freaks" under their breath. that shit just kills me. maybe next year we'll plan to attend dc pride. assuming it's still on track.

so, we've had some great news this week with respect to the overturning of the texas sodomy laws. great news, indeed. but i shake my head thinking that it's 2003 and texas is just now coming around. then again, it is bush's hometown which explains a lot. nonetheless it's a victory for the community at large. it's a (very small) victory for social change. it's a victory for human rights. it's a victory no matter how you look at it and i am so proud to be a part of the glbt community!

on that note, i hope all of you, gay or straight, black or white, muslim or jewish, short or tall, bengali or not (haha) have a very wonderful, gay and joyous weekend. diversity is the spice of life, it's what keeps things interesting, it's what will eventually bring about peace in this world.. if only everyone could see that we'd all be in a better place mentally, physically and spiritually.

happy gay pride ya'll. party hearty!