Wednesday, June 11, 2003

slight change to the layout here.. i've added a "coming up" section to keep me excited about the summer since chicago weather is doing nothing in that regard. you'll notice that i've removed links to other folks' blogs, because, well, it's just so not necessary anymore. everyone knows everyone who knows everyone, and if you don't, well then just click one of the links in one of the comments boxes and you're bound to find someone who knows someone who knows everyone. so there you have it.

c and i are seriously considering michfest this year. it came down to a choice between saving up for fire island or michfest. and while fire island will forever be on my list of places to visit, michfest seemed a lot more interesting and inexpensive at the time. i'm really excited.. i think it'll be a great time and since we're going for two days over the weekend, we won't need to use any vacation days! bonus: toshi reagon and sweet honey in the rock will be playing saturday night..

i have a feeling that michfest will be quite an unforgettable experience... any advice for first-timers?