Friday, March 19, 2004

trifling young thang.. part 2

after cute asian girl left, we emailed each other sparingly over the next few weeks mostly catching up on her adventures in guadalajara, mexico. she told me about a weekend trip she took to puerto vallarta and how much fun it was and how i should visit so we could hang out by the beach, etc. she also told me about a new friend she made at her school who was, you know.. family.

now, our emails were by no means romantic and there was no indication from either of us that what happened that weekend was anything more than a fling. but i won't lie.. when i decided to take her up on her offer i most definitely had a few other things in mind besides just hanging out on the beach. and while a long distance relationship is definitely not my thing, i certainly wouldn't have minded another roll in the hay, you know what i'm sayin'? right..

well, a couple of days before my trip i started stressing bigtime. i'm not really sure why, but i was nervous about the whole trip. i mean, i'd never been to mexico and here i was planning a trip all by myself to visit some girl i barely knew with no guarantees as to the status of our "friendship". what was i thinking? i was about to spend over $500 on a plane ticket and who knows how much else on hotel stay and sundries... was i really sure about this? what if i ended up having a really shitty time? what if cute asian girl totally disses me and leaves me hanging at the airport with nowhere to go? what if...????

oh boy, all that worrying took it's toll because a few days before the trip i broke out into a million little pimples right across the entire span of my forehead!! now, not to brag at all here, but i have really good facial skin. it's hereditary. i've never really had more than one or two zits a year and i'm blessed for that. perhaps it helps that i never wore make up in my life and never used anything on my face barring mild facial cleansers and face cream. now, the rest of my body is another story. thanks to my freakish outbreak of psoriasis in december, 1999, i have random patches of dry skin all over my body, especially on my legs. to this day it's hard for me to wear shorts in the summer and that alone pains me to no end. every once in a while though, i'll just say fuck it and wear shorts because i don't give a shit if people want to stare at my legs, but in general i'm pretty self conscious about it. thankfully it isn't contagious or else c would've left me a long time ago.. hehehe..

but i digress. my psoriasis issues are enough for another post in and of itself.

so yeah.. i've got a million zits across my forehead. i think i actually tried to count them and when i got to 40 i just gave up.. that's how bad it was. i couldn't believe it. it was the most unusual thing that had ever happened to me and i was this close to cancelling my trip for it. but then i came to my senses and reminded myself that i'm not really vain enough to do that, and so what if i have a million zits on my forehead.. i'm gonna go to mexico and have a fantastic fucking time!

so it's labor day weekend and i'm flying out to guadalajara, mexico. cute asian girl was going to meet me at the airport with two of her friends; the lesbian girl, and another straight girlfriend from school. just so we don't get confused here (since i'm not gonna use their real names), the lesbian girl m and the straight girl s (who turned out to be from chicago) were both exchange students as well at the same school cute asian girl went to. m had a jeep wrangler and was going to drive us all to puerto vallarta, about a 4 hour drive from guadalajara.

to my relief cute asian girl was indeed waiting for me at the airport and we both gave each other a hug, hopped into the wrangler, and headed for pv. the drive there was a lot of fun. i got to know m and s and found out that m was living with her "wife" in guadalajara and her wife was a writer who was trying to finish a novel while m finished school. the wife wasn't with us though because she had other things going on that weekend. the four of us chatted and laughed and exchanged some wild and not so wild stories about our pasts as we drove through winding roads and vast fields of blue agave (tequila) plants along the mexican countryside which was beautiful and reminded me of bangladeshi villages at times (the countryside that is, not the tequila plants!). i would so love to go back to mexico one of these days...

when we arrived in puerto vallarta, we checked into the hotel, changed clothes and headed straight to the beach. during this whole time, cute asian girl and i haven't really had any time alone, which is cool though, because we were really having a great time with the other girls and hanging out at the beach, splish-splashing against the waves and just being all out silly. the weather was fantastic. it was a great day and we ended it with a drive into town to have dinner at a "real" mexican restaurant. needless to say margaritas were definitely in the mix and the food was just fantastic.. mm.. real mexican salsa.. mm.. .

when we got back to the hotel, we were all exhausted but still planned on heading over to paco paco, a local gay bar in town. cute asian girl was apparently not feeling too well, and said she wanted to take a nap in the hotel room before we went out. so m and i went over to the beach and sat down and chatted for a while. she asked me how i met cute asian girl and i proceeded to tell her (the truth of course) and then she asked me if i was hoping to "hook up" again. of course i said it would be a nice by-product of the vacation if that happened, but i wasn't going to push the issue. m also mentioned to me that she didn't think cute asian girl was "out" to her friends, which left me a little confused, yet it wasn't really such a shocker considering i wasn't completely "out" myself. i mean, all my friends knew, but my parents didn't. so of course, far be it from me to judge her for that.

after our little discussion we went back upstairs to check on the other two to see if they were ready to head out. cute asian girl wasn't napping, but she was up and about chit chatting with s and rifling through fashion magazines. i went over to sit next to her and ask how she was feeling but as soon as i sat down she very nervously and hastily got up and went over to s to show her a picture in the magazine she was looking at. i totally felt her nervous energy and was a little baffled by it. it's not like i went over to sit on her face or anything.. damn! what gives?

and thus began cute asian girl's transformation into trifling immature bitch girl, herein after referred to as tibg.

well folks, i was really hoping to finish this story today but it's taking longer than i thought. wasn't intending on a cliff hanger (hehe..) but i'll have to continue this another day.

stay tuned.