Thursday, March 18, 2004

trifling young thang.. part 1

i've been meaning to blog about my little mexico fiasco for a while now.. but kept getting distracted. it's quite the entertaining story.. really.

so.. i went out one saturday in july, 2000 with an acquaintance-friend to the now defunct "girlbar". every so often i liked to go there to play pool and show off my skills in the hopes of attracting one of the several ladies that stood around to watch, but that never happened. i also went to indulge in some much needed eye candy. of course i was single back then and quite the care-free lesbian. in fact, if memory serves me correctly, i think girlbar was actually one of the few establishments i frequented all by my lonesome. we're talking back in the day when i was a fresh 25 year old baby dyke and figured that if i wanted to meet other lesbians i'd have to go to girlbar. because if you're a lesbian, you must hang out at girlbar, every weekend. funny how time cures everything...

right.. so back to the story in progress.

so we're at girlbar, just chillin' and i'm about to smoke the last cigarette in my pack. just then, a girl comes upto me and asks to bum a cigarette. i look at her and look at my pack and look at her again and say "sorry, it's my last one, but you can have a drag or two if you like" (i don't usually share cigs with strangers, but for some reason i did that night). she accepted my offer and went on to tell me that she quit smoking a while ago but was just jonesing for a few drags.. and i can totally relate to that kind of jonesing.

as we're talking, another girl comes up and starts getting into the mix of our conversation. we all exchange names and i find out that the two women are friends, visiting from minneapolis for the weekend. the second girl is this really cute asian girl who turns out to be 21 and full of spunk and starts vibing with my acquaintance-friend while i'm chatting away with cigarette bummer girl. as the evening progresses, the four of us are vibing really well; we're doing shots, laughing, chatting and having a grand old time.

we bar hop a little and end up at the closet, another one of chicago's several hundred lesbian bars [insert sarcasm here] where we continue to drink, get to know each other and laugh and party some more. there ain't much to do at the closet. it's about the size of my bedroom and the bartenders and i.d. checkers are so not friendly! they're a bunch of biyatches i must admit.

so after a brief stint at the closet, and a chow-down at the nearby ihop, acquaintance-friend decides it's time to go home and leaves me with the out of towners. the out of towners are staying with a friend who lives way the fuck out somewhere which would cost them about $30 in cabfare. so, being the gentile, considerate and whacked out person that i am, i invited them to crash at my place for the evening. err, i mean morning because i swear by the time we got to my place it was 6am.

aah, the wild and crazy days of my youth...

so we get to my place which is a one bedroom with a stunning view of lake michigan. they both ooh and aah over the view for a good 20 minutes and then cute asian girl decides she wants to take a shower, which she does, and very casually leaves her panties hanging on the shower door after she's done. i love how people take a mile when you offer them an inch. not only does she ask to wear a pair of my shorts and a t-shirt but after changing into my clothes she plops herself onto my bed and starts to fall asleep.

inch.. mile..

meanwhile, cigarette bummer girl makes herself cozy on my couch in the living room and i slip into bed with cute asian girl. we both fall asleep and wake up at around 10am and what ensues thereafter is some shit i never imagined i would do. yup, you guessed it folks.. cute asian girl and i are all over each other and have mad, passionate morning sex.. twice.

to make a long story short, cute asian girl and i end up spending the remainder of the lust-filled weekend together after dropping cig bummer girl off at her friend's house. when monday morning came around, i was genuinely sad to see her go but pretty damn happy with the way the weekend ended. a casual weekend summer romp was a-ok with me.

well, it turns out that not only was cute asian girl leaving that day for minneapolis but she was also headed to mexico in a couple of days on a year-long exchange program. when she left, we exchanged email addresses and she urged me to think about making a trip to mexico to visit her.

two months later, that's exactly what i did.

stay tuned for the conclusion to "trifling young thang"...