Wednesday, March 17, 2004

loose change..

a few months ago i started thinking about how great it would be to have a "vacation fund" of sorts. a place where i could put money away whenever possible to save up towards a vacation. well, that never happened. but i did start to drop all my loose change into a drawer at work. every morning i would gather up all my loose change and toss them into one of the compartments in my drawer tray, separating the pennies from the dimes, nickels and quarters. i even made a conscious effort not to dish out exact change when buying things if i could help it.

now, while i'm far from having saved up enough for a real vacation, i'm definitely pleased with the collection so far. i empty out the coins and put them in a black bag about once every two weeks to make room for more coins, and each time i do i count about 15-17 dollars in change. considering i only started doing this in december, and have tallied about $80 in change so far, i think i'm doing pretty damn good!

i'm not sure when i'll actually take it to the bank in exchange for bills, but i'm just happy that i managed to collect so much! a few more months and i'll be ready for that vacation! the best part about it is that i don't even feel like i had to sacrifice anything because loose change is almost always spent.