Monday, March 22, 2004

the nerve of some people...

this ad was posted in chicago's craigslist jobs section:

Attractive, Non Smoking Female for Reception, General Office

Read no further if honesty offends you.

Our business has grown, and is continuing to grow. We are looking to find an attractive female to work part time in our comfortable, well appointed office in the West suburbs. This receptionist position would be ideal for a woman who is married with kids and just wants out of the house a few days a week...or conversely, an erotic dancer/masseuse who wants a different type of work for the daytime hours.

It is a rather private environment, without a lot of personal customer interaction. Our receptionist will likely only see 2-4 people during the week, and most of her time will be devoted to phones, filing and follow up of various tasks. She would report to the office manager, a very open minded female who works closely with the business owner.

To be honest, the business owner is somewhat unconsciously seeking a "hottie" for the front desk...but also someone who can be detail oriented enough to file and complete paperwork. He's married, and not going to approach anyone he works with, but he really enjoys an "attractive" office environment. He is also looking to this person to evolve if they desire into a full time position with a variety of other tasks, including customer service. The receptionist should be computer literate and a NON SMOKER.

If any of this doesn't offend you, feel free to respond to this post with what you are looking for, including number of hours and expected salary.

Compensation: $8 - $10 hourly, part time..

are you offended by honesty?