Friday, April 02, 2004

april foolishness..

i got pranked yesterday. big time. and i'm usually pretty good at avoiding pranks.

there's a guy i work with, j, who is just the biggest joker you've ever seen. he's always trying to pull a fast one on somebody and i'd be surprised if he ever got any work done around the office as much time as he spends on pranking people.

when i got to the office yesterday i didn't even really think about the fact that it was april fools day. it just didn't occur to me. so i went about my usual morning routine: check email, surf the web a bit and then head down for a cup of coffee and a cig. i came back up and started working on a project i've been postponing, and at one point i went into my manager's office to ask him a question. when i came back, i continued on with what i was doing and reached for my coffee and took a sip.

it was the most disgusting tasting coffee in the world. it was ultra, ultra sweet, and when i looked at it, there were little chunks of white stuff floating on it, as if someone had spit in my coffee! i was totally baffled (again, not realizing it was april 1st) because i had already tasted that same cup of coffee earlier with my cigarette and it tasted just fine! so i spit it out and tossed what was left in my cup, thinking maybe the half and half i used went bad or something..? i just couldn't figure it out.

it wasn't until several minutes later when as i was writing down the date on the top of a workpaper i realized it was april fools day. and then a lightbulb appeared. duh. so i picked up the phone knew exactly who to call and sure enough j was on the other end of the line cracking the fuck up!! apparently he put 4 packets of sugar and a couple of teaspoons of creamer in my coffee while i was away from my desk.


on another note, i put up two new songs for april, both by pamela means, recorded live. they're both off her "pearls" album which is currently oop but her latest album "single bullet theory" is damn good too. if you like what you hear, you can purchase her latest cd here.