Friday, March 26, 2004

i'll pass on madonna..

i'm not nearly as torn about madonna as i was about prince. i'm definitely going to pass on miss madonna this time. but i thought i'd put it up here for those of you chicago headz that might be interested. tickets go on sale tomorrow.

now, there are things i like about madonna and things i don't. when she first came out i didn't care much for her but then i saw the virgin tour on video and fell in love with the choreography/dancing in her shows. and i was in bangladesh at the time, so actually attending one of her concerts wasn't even an option. so when the drowned world tour finally brought her to chicago in 2001, i decided i'd go see her, if only for nostalgic reasons.

despite balking at the price of the tickets, i figured what the fuck, i'll pay $125 to see madonna. i've waited over a decade for this, so why not?

well, it was not worth it, my friends. i mean, the show was good and all.. but it was not worth $125. maybe if i paid $20 i'd have come out of it a happy camper. but i was not a happy camper that day. i cursed myself for buying into the hype and swore off madonna concerts entirely.

tickets for this coming tour range from $45-300. i pity the fool that pays a dime over $45.

the thing that really bites though, is that i could go see one of meshell's gigs for like $20 (she had a show in nyc once where she only charged $12!) and come out of it feeling like a million bucks and then pay $125 to see big hyped ass madonna and come out of feeling like i'd been duped. funny how things work.

i'd pay $125 to catch a meshell gig any day... but not everyday, of course cuz then i'd just be a broke ass fool!

anyway, i hope you all have a great weekend! i'll be livin' it up at a really close friend's bridal shower and bachelorette party. ya know.. i am way to butch* to be attending a bridal shower [this will be my first] but she's a really close friend so i will.

*i'm not really that butch.. i'm just so not girly..