Wednesday, March 31, 2004

who says i can't change my mind?

ok, so i lied. after reading this review of prince's show in l.a., i decided i just had to go.

so i logged onto ticketmaster all the while feeling a tad nervous because i figured the shows were sold out. well, thankfully he's doing two shows. and while the first one appears to be sold out, the second one isn't. i'm not sure what's going on with ticketmaster because last time i checked, they were only offering nosebleed seats. but this time i got good ones: section 103, row N. pretty damn good if you ask me considering the show's been on sale for over a week now. let's not talk about the price though, ok? mm.. thanks.

so yeah, i'm excited!! the review i read just got me all nostalgic, especially knowing that he wasn't just doing a bunch of medleys. this should be a really good one. june 26th.. pride weekend.. i'll be jammin' to some prince. mm.. hmm.. yeah.

update: the june 25-26 shows are officially sold out. for those of you still interested, he added another date - june 28. tickets go on sale monday (4/5) at 10am.