Thursday, April 15, 2004

down south..

virginia is truly a beautiful state. all the mountains, trees, greenery in general were so refreshing to see after chicago's bleak winter! everything is already in bloom out there and just so purty!

not too many highlights of the trip since we were only there for 2 full days, but the weather was gorgeous. we were all tank topped out and of course as soon as i got on the plane to come home my throat started feeling sore and scratchy. you all know what that means.. yup, i've been sick for the past three days, but i only took monday off from work and a half day on tuesday, since i have so much shit to do here. i'm all behind now.

i've met c's family before, so that was no big surprise. except that when we walked into the room we were staying in there was a big ol' open faced bible laying smack dab in the middle of the bed with a plastic rose laying on top of it. that was definitely a little, um.. weird. but i found out later that c's mom does that in every room, so i felt just a tad bit better knowing that it wasn't solely directed at us sinning lesbians. i did get to meet her brother though who is really cool, as well as one of her old friends and his new boyfriend and we all (not the brother) went to one of the very few gay bars in roanoke. it was cool.. but you know.. a bar is a bar is a bar. they're all pretty much the same.

we did however go to the smithfield plantation museum while visiting the virginia tech campus. c and i don't like the word plantation no matter what context it's used in. anyway, that was an annoying experience. annoying for obvious reasons.. i mean, who gives a fuck that a bunch of governors lived there? it was essentially a throwback to the days of slavery. a big ass house in the middle of an ever bigger ass plantation with two smaller cabins if you can call them that, one of which is referred to as a "weaver's cabin" (read: slave weaver's cabin) and another one which is now a restroom but was obviously previously used as slave quarters. we did not, however, take the $6 tour of the inside of the house because i was in no way interested in patronizing the museum. i don't even know how they can turn a place like that into a museum.. what exactly are they so proud of? i don't get it. it must be some white nostalgia shit.

anyway, all in all, it was a nice, relaxing trip. i hate that i got sick though because it's completely thrown off my workout/eating routine. i've got an 8 mile run/walk to do on may 14th and another 3.5 mile run on june 3rd (the chase corporate challenge) that i need to train for. but i'm just not feeling fully well yet to even get into training mode. [cough, cough]