Thursday, April 08, 2004


well, for all intents and purposes, today is friday for me. and i can't wait to get off work. this week has been dragging like hell. i'm taking the day off tomorrow so c and i can go to virginia to visit her family. i've met them before when they visited us for turkey day in 2002 and they're really nice. though her mom can sometimes be a little too nice if you catch my drift. but it'll be a fun little weekend getaway. and surely the weather will be nicer than it is in chicago. i swear chicago weather is schizophrenic to say the least.

in other news:

i want you to check out this article because the subject matter is just really stupid. i mean totally stupid. i mean ridiculously stupid. so if you want some really stupid news, click on the link, ok? thanks.

here's an article that's actually kinda funny if indeed it was referencing the 'ol g. dubya..

finally, i'm glad that condi's little testimony is over so we don't have to hear about it "coming up" on the news every freakin' minute of the day. actually, now that i think about it they'll be analyzing what she said for the next 10 weeks. ugh. as i expected, her testimony was clear as mud. like she was really going to go up there and tell everyone what was discussed behind closed doors. yeah.. like we were all sitting here with baited breath waiting for the truth to come out. sure.

on the other hand, i think i've come to the conclusion that condi's hairdresser must be the evil behind lenny's new do.

gosh, i'm really mean aren't i?