Monday, April 05, 2004

say it ain't so lenny!!!! it' relaxed!

i'm really upset that lenny went and relaxed his hair. his hair looks like a mix between prince and.. james brown.

i'm so upset!!! previously lenny was at the top of my list of men i'd fuck in a new york minute. there aren't many on that list, mind you. but the man used to exude sex. not to mention he was definitely in touch with his feminine side which makes me want to pant like a dog. but what on earth is he thinking with this new do? who is his hairstylist and why hasn't he/she been fired? and why does his face look so damn thin? wow.. i'm scared to listen to his new album "baptism" for fear that it influenced his current style or vice versa. i mean, i'm all about him wanting to change styles but this is just.. bad.

shiiiiit.. lemme tell ya, he's definitely not going to be the father of my child looking like that! *sigh*.. all my fantasies of lenny are slowly fading... somebody help me!!!

aaaaaahhh.. relief:

whew.. now i'm just hot all over again.. lord have mercy!