Wednesday, May 26, 2004


some of you may recall a previous post many moons ago where i discussed my loathing for dolls. well, there's no place that scares me more than "american girl place". my first experience with that horror came about one summer day a few years back when it first opened a store near michigan avenue here in chicago. i was walking down chicago avenue that day and couldn't help but notice a couple and their child exiting the store. it wasn't so much the couple that caught my eye, but more so that the mother was pushing a stroller which was empty because the child who was supposed to be in the stroller was busy pushing another stroller that had a precious little goo-goo-ga-ga doll in it. and they all matched. the strollers, the hair, the outfits, the whole kit and kaboodle. it made me want to hurl.

so anyway, i bring this up again because there's just a feckin' (my irish realtor keeps saying "feckin'" and i just love how it sounds) hilarious
article i read in gaper's block that i just had to share.