Thursday, May 06, 2004

the sasser bitch got me...

my home computer caught the damn sasser virus and i'm pissed. at first i couldn't figure out what the hell was going on. i was online for ten minutes or so with no problems. my goal was to update this page for the new may audio pleasure and calendar, but before i could, i started getting the "your computer will shutdown in 60 seconds" warning. so i let it shutdown, not knowing what the deal was, and after it restarted i logged back on to the internet and not two seconds later the warning message came back up. i did it again about two more times, but the same damn warning message came up until i finally gave up and turned off my machine. it wasn't until i was watching cnn later that night where i saw one of the scrolling bulletins at the bottom of the screen referencing the sasser virus that it finally dawned on me why my computer was acting up.

so this morning when i got to work i printed out the microsoft instructions on how to get rid of the virus, and here's hoping that'll work when i get home tonight.

i know how much you guys rely on my monthly music samples, so i apologize for disappointing you all so terribly [insert sarcasm].. i hope to have it updated in the next day or two.

on another note this weekend is all about apartment/house hunting. i prequalified for a mortgage loan yesterday which is great news, but at the same time i'm kind of confused about whether or not to just look for a place to buy instead of rent. then again, considering our lease runs out at the end of this month, i don't really have enough time to bank on buying a place. who knows how long it'll take to find something i like, and then deal with all the time it takes to close, etc. i wish i had acted on it sooner, but of course there were other barriers in my way that delayed everything. but i'd really hate to have to move twice. i hate moving period. though i dig starting "fresh" everytime i move.

in an effort to confuse things in my life even more, i've been looking into a possible move to miami. if that comes through, then it sort of cuts my decision making issues in half. but i'm not counting on it.

[sigh].. life is really stressful right now. too much shit happening all at once.

either way i think i'll have to find an apartment to rent until a) i find a place to buy or b) the miami move comes through. there's no way either of those things will happen by the end of the month, but a friend of mine offered to let me stay at his place if needed, while in transition. he's returning the favor for when i let him crash on my couch for two months after he moved back to chicago from a year long hiatus in costa rica. karma is a good thing.

i guess i'm just a little baffled because i have too many options right now. too many decisions to make. it's making me stress out in a big way and i don't like it. uncertainty does not sit well with deshigrrrl.