Saturday, June 12, 2004

feelin' the need for speed..

i got a fantabulous deal on an rcn bundle for cable, phone and high speed internet at my new place, and can i just say i am so diggin' the high speed internet thing!? it's even faster than the T1 line we have at work! i had to use dial up at home for the past several years just because i didn't want to dish out so much money for high speed internet capabilities, but this shit rocks! i sat up and watched this fabulous live streaming video of ani difranco's appearance on my favorite radio station kcrw out of santa monica. and now that i can actually listen to kcrw all the time via the online broadcast, i'm hardly watching tv anymore! i love it, i love it, i absolutely love it!

last night was my first night alone since c and i moved separately. it pretty much took us a few days to come to grips with it, and while i really did miss her, i was reminded of all the benefits of living alone. i fell asleep trying to finally finish reading toni morrison's love and i woke up this morning.. err.. afternoon.. at 12:30p. it was lovely. i haven't done that in three years. no lie.

i was a bit worried that i'd get bored without her around, and while that's still a viable possibiity, i didn't get bored last night. in fact i ran into a friend at the granville el station and we very spontaneously decided to hook up for dinner at moody's. that was a nice change.. the spontaneity that is.

this morning i took a leisurely walk to my bank to get some cash and then got a cup of coffee and am now chillin' on the net writing this blog. it feels good to be the sole planner of my day. and by my own choice, i'll be heading to c's a little later on to hang out for a while. it's a day by day thang, you see...

it's such a gorgeous day today! my mood is lifted, and i'm no longer stressing over the fact that i didn't get to buy the place i wanted.. but there's sure to be other ones out there that i'll fall in love with..

until then, this bengali's gonna enjoy summer to the fullest. it would be nice though if my dear friend f (mageeeessss!) were still here.. she left for bangladesh last weekend even after i begged her to stick it out until the end of the summer. anyway, i know she's reading this.. so.. um.. i just want you to know that you're terribly missed!