Tuesday, September 14, 2004

one more day til tax day...

for all you home decor enthusiasts out there (i'm slowly becoming one, didntcha know?), i've got a website for you to peruse. if you've already visited the site before, then boo for you.. but if not, it's got quite a few nifty little thangs to spice up your digs. and in appreciation for me introducing you to this website, feel free to send any of the following items my way *grin*:

this uber modern spice rack for which i would gladly kill a spider (i was told as a child that muslims aren't supposed to kill spiders and i therefore never have as tempted as i may have been)..

these wonderfully colorful coasters and a matching bowl..

skyscraper vases.. which are pretty cool looking, but i've always been fond of the traditional kind as well..

and last but not least (i haven't been through the entire site yet!) billiard plates!!! which c said she'd get me as a housewarming present..

a little pricey them things are, aren't they? yep.. especially that spice rack.. ouch. i want it so bad i can taste it.

wait! tomorrow's payday..

aww.. shite. no can do.. gotta buy furniture first methinks.

i swear, new homeowners should get an automatic $5,000 shopping spree just for taking the plunge.. don't you think??????????