Monday, March 20, 2006


i have a story to tell.

i was at a lesbian bar called T's last weekend. this story involves two girls who were sucking face in a corner every opportunity they got, thereby seemingly "together". one of them was a short pony-tail wearing butch girl and her supposed "girlfriend" who had long curly hair and a lot of cleavage. i ended up playing pool with ponytail butch girl and she seemed nice enough while we were playing, but i later got attitude from her in the form of a lame, disinterested handshake after i beat her. anyway, after that game i was pretty much done for the evening, so i headed to the bathroom and when i came back to sit next to my friend lenny, the following ensued:

lenny: ponytail butch girl came by when you were in the loo, she said her friend wants to meet you...

me: her "friend"?? the one she was sucking face with??

lenny: yeah. her...

me: (confused) but i thought they were together. why would she want to meet ME?

lenny: i don't know, but let's go find out.

we approach ponytail butch girl and her girlfriend, and lenny introduces me to the girlfriend and walks away.

me: (after the introductions) so what's up?

girlfriend: (smiles a sort of guilty smile) nothing much.


me: umm... my friend lenny says you wanted to talk to me about something?

ponytail butch girl: yeah, well, my "friend" said you were looking at her.

me: umm... looking at her?

ponytail butch girl: yeah, she said you were looking at her.

i looked at girlfriend confused, and not knowing what the fuck was going on, i said: umm... no, i can't say i was (truth ya'll).

ponytail butch girl: so you weren't looking at her?

me: (thoroughly confused as to the purpose of this exchange) umm... no.


me: well uh... you ladies enjoy the rest of your evening.

and i walked away.

if anyone in the blog world can shed light on what the fuck that was all about, i think i might actually become enlightened.

thank you and good night.