Saturday, April 15, 2006


my friend and i have a saying we always say around april or so in chicago.

"it's spring and i'm sprung".

indeed. i love spring almost as much as i love summer... and so does my body chemistry. i've been rubber-necking all over the place! all the girls are out and about and i'm getting whiplash trying to keep up with them. i also made an observation about myself the other day... mindless trivia, actually, but hey. i seem to have a thing for women in the service industry. you know, like baristas, bartenders, restaurant hosts... hmmm... i wonder what it all means...


on a completely different note, i had the weirdest dream EVER. it all stemmed from various things in my subconscience that have been floating around for days, mainly the fact that i'm really, really, really through with my job. it's been a year, and i'm just not comfortable there anymore. i was at first, and i really actually liked my job, but then they went and hired a complete nimrod as my direct supervisor and i'm just not having it anymore. it's time to move on.

so, i was on the phone with my mom the other night and she immediately asked me "is everything alright? are you ok? are things ok with your job?" and i was instantaneously struck by how intuitive my mother is. she said she dreamt that i was leaving my job after arguing with someone. well, sure enough she felt my pain because for the past few days i've been drudgingly going to work with absolutely no enthusiasm about my job whatsoever. i even called a headhunter.

so after explaining everything to my mom on the phone, i went to bed cuz it was late, and that's when all this funky dreaming shit happened.

in my dream, i was walking down sheridan road in broad daylight and felt so sleepy that i stopped in my tracks and slept on the sidewalk. when i woke up, bill gates was hovering over me asking if i was ok and said "if you need a place to crash, you can crash on my couch" to which i responded, "no, i'm cool... i have a condo just up the street, and i'm really not sure why i fell asleep on the sidewalk".

and that was it.

so of course my paranoid ass started dissecting the whole thing and i think this is what it means: the conversation with my mom left me a little worried about my job and the dream was sort of a warning of sorts that if i don't get my shit together i could potentially be homeless.

right? i mean, why else would i be sleeping on a sidewalk?

not that i'd ever let myself become homeless. i'd move to bangladesh before any of that happened but still, it could happen to anyone right?

as for bill gates, i think that somehow worked its way into my brain only because i caught a few minutes of oprah when she had him and his wife on her show.

weird shit yo.

but it's spring and i'm SPRUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!