Wednesday, September 22, 2004

tomorrow may very well be the last 80 degree day in chicago this year...

yesterday after work i had about an hour and a half to kill before i had to be at our home bar for pool league. so i figured i'd walk down to millenium park to check it out since i hadn't really been there since it opened this summer. my cousin told me about a free outdoor photography exhibit called the family album which showcases a photographer's journey around the world taking pictures of all different kinds of families from various countries and all levels of society. it was really quite interesting. i was especially enthused when i ran across a few family portraits from bangladesh.

the funny thing is, i felt like a tourist.. in my own city. considering i live in chicago, it's kind of weird that this was my first time visiting the new extravagantly expensive park, but hey..

i hear daley spent $425 million on this project. i personally can think of 425 million other different uses for that money that would actually better the lives of the people that actually live here, but hey.. priorities, right? we all know daley's a big spender.. he'd rather use the money to build a park to attract tourists than to spend it on education, feeding the homeless and other less urgent issues.

he's also backing the governor's new plan to increase state funding by issuing tickets to people caught with marijuana possession instead of sending them to jail.

but back to millenium park. that bean thing, or cloud gate as they call it, is so overrated. i mean.. really..

so i'm walking around, checking out the park, when all of a sudden from the corner of my eye, i see something moving, quite vigorously. i look to my left and to my horror, i see a homeless guy lying on the grass not far from the millenium park outdoor restaurant, spanking his monkey. thankfully his dick wasn't out there for the world to see, but he had his hand in his pants, and a relatively blank look in his eyes as he proceeded to go at it. it was quite possibly one of most disgusting sights i've witnessed in a long time and pretty much ruined my millenium park experience.

i looked around to see if anyone else saw what i saw, but people seemed to just be walking around obliviously. he wasn't that far away from folks sitting at the restaurant eating their moderately overpriced dinners.