Sunday, January 30, 2005

promise me you'll quit smoking...

the weekend is pretty much officially over. and i made an impulse buy yesterday. sure, i needed it, but it wasn't urgent. but i fell in love with it and therefore i bought it. pretty simple, no?

i'm talking about a bed. saturday morning some friends and i had brunch at charlie's ale house followed by a casual stroll up and down clark street in andersonville. all of us just recently became homeowners and so furniture (window) shopping has become quite common for us. but the bed is really gorgeous. it's a dark cherry wood queen size platform bed and if you didn't know, deshigrrrl loves platform beds. it wasn't back breakingly expensive, but lavish nonetheless considering the current time, circumstances and other plans in mind that obviously involve spending more money in the near future. but hopefully a tax refund and profits from my business will help.

and i deserve it dammit! having slept on a futon my entire college life i only bought a bed (read mattress, frame & boxspring) in 1999. no headboard, no footboard, just the basics. so now i have a real bed.. an adult bed.. with a very stylish headboard might i add! i'm gonna sleep real good next weekend (they deliver on saturday!).

other than that the weekend has been pretty non-eventful but busy. gotta get ready for tax season again.. have been getting calls from anxious refund seekers already! i'm so not ready but of course i need to be. i'm actually still in vacation mode. it's hard to come out of that. not to mention the 3-2 is about ready to hit which always reminds me that i have lots of growing up to do... fast!

ok, well.. excuse the boring entry, but i felt like gushing about my new bed and now i'm done.