Monday, December 06, 2004

satellite radio rocks...

i've spent the past few days doing my least favorite thing: shopping.. for other people. well, not so much "other people", but my family. it's not that i mind spending money on my family, i just don't enjoy shopping. especially these days when everyone and their mother along with all fifteen of her kids are out and about. shopping cart rage is the new road rage, didntcha know?

but i managed to treat myself pretty nicely in the process. i found a swim shop out in the boonies, and while the sales gal was less than helpful, i managed to find a speedo swimsuit that wasn't granny looking. and it was on sale.

not only that, but as i was driving along I-94 i saw the brunswick home and billiard store. a couple of u-turns later i was inside the store absolutely drooling over a $13,000 pool table. man, that was one sexy looking table let me tell ya. but of course i already have a pool table and nowhere near $13 G's, so instead i came out of the store with a brown leather cover for my table which wasn't cheap, a brush for cleaning the table, and a set of billiard ball coasters. i seriously had to pause to stop myself from going too crazy in there.

oh, and did i mention i bought myself an ipod? yeah. i went ahead and did it. it should be arriving on friday with my name engraved on it for free. it started off with a request from my sister who wanted me to take one back for her when i go home next week. so in the process of shopping for my sister, i found myself thoroughly interested in getting one for myself as well. it just seemed like the right thing to do.

so yeah. i spent way too much money these past couple of days. *sigh*

i'm headed home next week. not sure if i'll have time to write before i leave as there are plenty of errands to run and packing to do along with endless social commitments i've managed to entangle myself into this last week before i leave.

but i'll be sure to write while i'm home on my dad's computer with *ahem* dial up internet service.

happy holidays!