Monday, October 11, 2004

i bet you taste like dark chocolate, only sweeter..

being single again hasn't quite hit me yet. maybe it's because c and i still see each other quite a bit, although not in a romantic or intimate sense. we're still friends, which is a great thing, but it sort of makes me hesitate when it comes to dating again. i guess you could say i'm still carrying around some baggage.

i haven't been to the bars in a long, long, time. not that that's ever been my pick up spot of choice, though i must admit most of my dates with women have resulted from us meeting at a (gay) bar. in fact, there was one bar in particular where i met three of the women i dated (including c). but outside of gay bars, i find it somewhat difficult to approach women because sometimes it's hard to tell whether or not they're.. you know.. gay! i guess i'm just shy like that.

but there's a beautiful, dark-skinned lovely that works at a store in my neighborhood. she's got the greatest smile and the most amazing complexion. i've had my eye on her for a while, only, i have no idea if she's family. it's a tad frustrating, and while my gaydar is normally on point, i'm not really sure what my gaydar is telling me about her.

i may have to do some investigating..


right.. so.. i saw her staff profile at the store.. she's into "fine dining, fine wine and fine men"... with her fine ass.

oh well.. they can't all be gay, now can they?!

note to self: if you're not really sure what your gaydar is telling you, chances are it's telling you she's straight.. you just don't want to hear it.