Tuesday, September 28, 2004

skim capuccino.. to go..

lately i've been following a routine with respect to winding down after work. in the past, my wind downs have always been on the couch, with a cigarette in hand, watching tv. but nowadays i'm not watching tv so much. maybe it's because i still don't have a couch. but also, i don't smoke in my condo. so whenever i can with the weather still decent, i go to the coffee shop and sit outside with my capuccino and light up a cigarette to just chill for a few minutes before i head back home to deal with whatever chore is at hand.

but i think yesterday might have been the last day for that kind of frivolity because it's downright chilly outside today.

if you took note of the heading to my last post, you might've read between the lines to realize that i ended up playing hookey that day. *cough*... *cough*

but it was indeed the last 80 degree day of the year methinks. and i took full advantage. it was hot and sunny out and i lay on the beach for hours. it was a good day, and i'm glad i had the sense not to go to work.

over the weekend i rented a car to visit ikea for this bookshelf which i absolutely love (in brown).

and don't you know they didn't have it in stock?

yeah.. i was royally pissed. but i managed to run several errands while i still had the car, so it wasn't a total bust. but still..

i priced a ticket to dhaka for the holidays. i'm waiting to hear back from the bosses that be on whether or not my month long vacation has been approved. it's not like i'm asking for any extra days or anything.. it's all legit. they just like to keep me waiting is all. but it'll be nice to go back home for a month. i'll even be spending new years eve there for the first time in 13 years!

so i'm still unpacking... gawd.. yes.. it's just that when i moved to the new condo, i had these high hopes of buying really nice furniture so i tossed some of my old furniture, and somehow.. i've no idea how.. but somehow, i didn't have as much money leftover after the closing as i thought i would.. and i'm pretty much broke. not broke broke, but i'm having a hard time figuring out priorities.. as in what do i need first.. a desk to put away all my files and have something decent to put my computer on? or an entertainment center to put away my cd's and knick knacks? or a couch and loveseat so i can get comfortable? it's hard i tell you. hard. this homeowner shit is overrated.

ok, so maybe not. but i hate being on such a tight budget!