Thursday, November 25, 2004

the season of hibernation begins...

i cannot begin to tell you how absolutely full i am right now as i write this. ugh. i had thanksgiving dinner at a friend's and although i honestly didn't eat like a pig, i sure as hell felt like i did to the point where i was really uncomfortable for a good 20 minutes. or maybe it was the cheesecake. ;)

nonetheless, i'm absolutely stuffed!

and the weather in chicago is just atrocious. or at least it was yesterday.. no one in their right mind should've been out and about yesterday.. but there i was, walking around various shops looking for a friggin' bathing suit. of course they're out of season and therefore so hard to find these days, but the places that did have them, well, let's just say they weren't quite my style. maybe if i was about 30 years older... nah.. still not my style.

at anyrate. the hunt for a bathing suit continues, and i'm not a fan of ordering such items online as the hassle of dealing with returns is more than i care to take on. even niketown didn't stock them anymore! what the hell kind of sports store doesn't carry swim suits, no matter the season!?

so yeah.. the weather last night was atrocious! it was so windy, parts of my umbrella snapped apart. what started off as rain, soon turned into snow and not only was it coming down hard, but the wind was forcing the snow to blow horizontally!! what a freakin' nightmare. once i got home, i stayed home.. despite a party i was supposed to go to. when the weather gets like that, deshigrrrl goes into hibernation mode. call me when the weather hits 80 and i'll be back to my regular self.

in other news, we were shopping for a turkey the other day and came across a 12lb organic bird that had a price tag of.. get ready for this.. $67 big ones! are there idiots out there that actually pay that much for a damn turkey? i can just hear it now.. "darling, this turkey tastes marvelous!"...

i'm now reading monica ali's bricklane. so far so good! i'm really enjoying all these south east asian female writers lately. they're making me awful nostalgic.

supposedly the bangladesh government denied ms. ali a visa to visit her birthplace (i'm guessing she's a british citizen now) because she's a writer. it amazes me how some men can be so threatened by a woman with a pen and a brain.