Wednesday, May 11, 2005

longing for summer...

less than 24 hours ago, i made a split decision to turn left instead of right as i exited the building after work. i had two hours to kill before pool league, and it was literally in the high 70's and sunny as all hell. not a cloud in the damn sky. i walked east all the way to the brink of lake shore drive... cars speeding by, the blue of lake michigan straight ahead. i found a secluded expanse of grass on a slope that literally led down to lake shore drive and decided to sit down and relax. i rolled up my pants, lay my jacket on the ground so i could lay down, turned the volume on my ipod way up and minutes later, noticing that there wasn't a soul around me, i started singing out loud. it was one of the most cathartic 2 hours i'd spent in a long time.

this morning at around 7:15am, the temperature dropped to 54 degrees. as i got off the bus to cross the street to work, it.started.pouring. the sky was so dark you'd think it was evening time. and now it's even colder outside. it's like 47 degrees or some such ridiculous formula, and windy as hell.

this schizophrenic chicago weather is killing me softly.

fuck spring, i just want summer, man... summer.

damn summer, talk to your namesake for me wouldja? tell her to hurry up and make up her mind already. ;)