Monday, March 28, 2005

see ya... suckas!

there isn't quite anything like it in the world. to resign from a job you hate, full of certain people you've absolutely had enough of... there's just nothing like it. you all are well aware of how much i hated my job, right?

anyway, i've been on the hush hush about this because i'm just a tad superstitious that way... but i got an offer i couldn't really refuse and the rest is history. there was some drama involved with um... you know... having to take a certain test and all, but it's no longer a concern, and uh... amsterdam here i come!

so yeah. i turned in my letter of resignation on friday and my last day is next wednesday. it worked out really well because on wednesday, i finish my last day and head straight to the airport to meet up with lisa so we can hop on a plane to london for our european spirit music jamia tour. more on that later, i promise! then i get back from europe, have one day off, and start work the following day.

life is good. i have so many blessings to count. i'm fortunate to get another job in this economy, and i know this. but i cannot even begin to express to you how happy i am to know that after seven years of working for the same company day in, day out, i'm actually moving on...

don't get me wrong... i'll miss a bunch of folks i work with here... and while it hasn't really hit me the way it will on my last day, i'll definitely be taking a lot of memories with me...